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SEMI-HIATUS + important info

• due to life being v unfortunate

• the strawberry milk fic will be updated soon. im not dragging this fic out on purpose. if life was chill this fic would have been done 3 years ago and i would have made 5 more sequels. i really am v sorry for this awful wait. :(

• i'm still gonna write fics after the smf, and im still going to get on this tumblr + keep a queue going.

• i haven't looked at my messages in quite awhile. if you want to contact me as quickly as possible i suggest tagging a post with 'wankerville'

• im v sorry to all my friends on here who i havent spoken to in 4ever. i hate to have gone semi-mia on all of you.

•if you had my kik/snapchat/# im sorry to say that my phone has broken again bc im a clumsy fuck. i honestly dont plan on getting a new one any time soon either bc it would be a waste of money to buy one knowing im just gonna fucking break it, that is if i had money to waste. i really hope we can still talk, and that you guys dont hate me. you guys know who you are, and you know i love you more than the stars.


(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ emily & kami my real life best friends

(✿◡‿◡) *:・゚✧ lori my other half *:・゚✧(◡‿◡✿)

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• i do not have twitter

• i am still alive

• send me daddy kink prompts. i dont care who (h/l) topS.

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about me

Dani'Elle • she/her/they • pacific northwest

gay and up 2 no good

im just a simple girl with a daddy kink a mile long and no way to travel down the road. i live for the stars that died for me and science is my kinda magic. i am an advocate for #longhairedboyfriends and i have more faith in harry and louis being a couple than i have in my future. im literally the biggest loser ever fUck. all i really do is write gay porn whilst binge watching project runway and reread the catcher in the rye. if you are a wish granter pls give me my life back + 20$ for some snacks. thAnks.

love u all, c'ya xx

title: you move like water (yeah and you broke like waves)

pairing: harry/louis

Summary: He gets it, he gets that he’s weird, and clumsy, and his hair always seems to be a little greasy. He gets that he talks too slow and has a terrible movie taste and falls too fast, whatever. He can understand that Louis sees him as no more than a friend, and he can live with it. But he can’t live with just being a fuck to him, thats something you say about a stripper, or a one night stand, but thats not them. They are best friends who have slept with each other three times already. He could at least call it ‘platonic love making’ or something other than a fuck. 

Or the four times harry sleeps with louis and wakes up alone and the one time he doesnt.

Word Count: 9.3 k


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